Chesapeake Commons Home Owners Association - Let's Build Our Community Together
The pool opens yearly on Memorial Day Weekend
and closes on Labor Day Weekend.
Pool closes Monday, Labor Day at 8 P.M.
Weekdays 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Weekend & Labor Day 10:00am to 8:00pm
POOL HOURS are 4:00PM to 8:00PM during the week days (now that School has resumed)  
On Weekends and Labor Day the Pool is open from 10:00AM to 8:00PM. 
This year board has approved 13 year olds and above to enter the Pool Area without a parent or other adult.  Please show proof of age with Student ID to Pool Attendant or bring that, copy of birth certificate or other form of ID to the office to have on file. 
13 year olds - 17 year olds may only bring (2) guests with them if they too are at least 13 years old or older. NO children younger may accompany them without a parent.
Replacement of Lost Pool Pass is $5.00
The pool may be closed due to adverse weather conditions, temperatures below 70 degrees, mechanical breakdown or other operational difficulties.
 Pool Regulations
1.  Use of the pool without the presence of the life guard is strictly prohibited.
      Pool attendants have the authority to enforce the pool regulations and may temporarily ban any residents and / or their guests for violation of these rules.  A Board review will follow after the incident.  Attendants will not tolerate aggressive activity either physical or verbal, profanity or other unacceptable behavior towards themselves or others at the pool or clubhouse.
2.  Use of the pool and related facilities are available to residents of Chesapeake Commons and their guests.
      Privileges are not extended to absentee owners.  All owners, absentee owners and tenants must be in good standing to use the facilities.  Residents must have a telephone number and homeowners insurance on file with the office and be current with all dues and fines.  All tenants must have current leases (with expiration dates on lease) and completed and signed rental agreement forms on file to use the facilities.
3.  Children less than 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to enter and stay at the pool.
     Adult's proof of age must be available at the time of check in.  The adult must stay with the children at all times while at the pool.  If you must leave the pool area for any reason, the child or children must leave the pool area also.  13 year olds must show their Student ID card to the Pool Attendant and the Attendant may refuse entry if there is a question of the actual age of the child.  13 year olds and above may go to the pool without a parent but they cannot watch any other younger siblings or friends without a parent present! 
4.  There is a limit of 10 Guests per unit except for those kids 13 years to 17 years old who have no parent present.  These minor children may bring (2) guests at least 13-17 yrs old and NO kids younger than 13 can come along without an adult present. 
     If a resident exceeds the limit of ten guests, the resident will be required to rent the clubhouse.  If the clubhouse is already rented, we may need to deny entrance to all of your guests due to the limit of people allowed at the pool.
5.  Anyone found jumping over the fence will be fined $115.00 by the Homeowner's Association.
     Pool privileges will be suspended for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Directors.
6.  Everyone using the pool must shower before entering.
      Hair longer than chin-length will be required to be tied back during the use of the pool.
7.  Proper swimwear must be worn at all times.
     Street shoes, cutoffs, boxer shorts, etc., are not permitted.  White or light colored tee shirts will be allowed to help prevent sunburn.
8.  Admission will be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, inflamed eyes, infections, communicable diseases, or wearing bandages.
9.  All food and any glass containers are prohibited in the pool area.
     This is an Illinois Department of Public Health regulation and if violated may be cause for our pool to close.  An area for eating will be available inside clubhouse.
10.  No alcoholic beverages.
     No alcohol shall be sold, used or available in or around the pool facilities.  Immediate loss of clubhouse or pool privileges will result if a Member, their families, or guest violate this rule.  Anyone appearing intoxicated will be asked to leave the pool at the discretion of the CCHA pool attendant.
11.  Only diapers designed for swimming are allowed.
      Regular diapers are not acceptable under any circumstance.  Only swim diapers (those specifically made for swimming pools) can be used.
12.  Swimming Accessories.
     Kick boards, tubes, water balls, etc. will be permitted at the discretion of the pool attendant and may be denied depending on the size of the accessory and pool occupancy.
13.  Diving is not allowed in any area of the pool.
     Dunking, running, pushing, wrestling, screaming or any activities that may cause undue disturbances will not be permitted.
14.  Injuries.
     Any injuries occurring in the pool area must be immediately reported to the pool attendant.
15.  Loss of items.
     Chesapeake Homeowners Association will not be responsible for loss, theft, or damage of any kind to personal property.
16.  Smoke Free.
     The CCHA Clubhouse and swimming pool, including the pool deck is a smoke free facility.  Please smoke in designated areas and use the ashtray to distinguish and discard tobacco products.
NOTE: Posting of these rules is considered giving notice to all swimmers of these rules.