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Clubhouse Rental Information

As of August 1, 2017, the clubhouse rental rate will be $30.00 per hour if renting during the week Monday through Thursday and $35.00 per hour if renting the Clubhouse during the weekend, Friday through Sunday.

All residents must pay a deposit prior to using the Clubhouse for parties...No exceptions! $200.00 deposit is required for party rental without alcohol and $300.00 deposit is required for parties that will be serving alcohol. After the party is over the resident will be refunded any deposit owed within 14 days.

If excessive Garbage is used here (more than 3 Large Garbage Bags) a $25.00 service fee to dispose of the Garbage will be charged.  

Please click on the link above to print the clubhouse rental contract.

Use of the Clubhouse is restricted to CCHA members. All assessments, dues and other charges must be kept current in order to use the Clubhouse. Members must be present at all times while they have guests in the Clubhouse or pool areas. CCHA's rules regarding the use of the Clubhouse are as follows.

  1. Adult members of Chesapeake Commons may reserve the Clubhouse for private parties, meetings and approved community functions such as bridge and similar games. However, gambling in any form is expressly prohibited.
  2. Clubhouse reservations will be taken on an availability basis through the Clubhouse office at 630-208-0369. Completion of a reservation form and a deposit is required.
  3. The private use of the swimming pool in connection with the reservation of the Clubhouse is prohibited. All residents have use of the pool during regular business hours. The pool hours will not be adjusted to fit any event.
  4. No money for profitable purposes may be collected or charged by the member to any other person entering the Clubhouse facilities.
  5. No alcohol shall be sold in or about the facility.
  6. The Clubhouse is a smoke-free building. The pool has a specific smoking area. No smoking is allowed outside the designated area.
  7. The Clubhouse member is responsible for curtailing any loud noise or activity that may disturb surrounding neighbors.
  8. Members and their guests must leave the premises when the building closes. The Clubhouse is closed at 10 pm on Sundays through Thursdays and at 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The pool closes at 8pm.
  9. A Member may only rent the clubhouse up to two times in a 30 day period.
  10. Parking for the use of the Clubhouse or pool is restricted to street parking on Chesapeake Way and Geneva Drive. Members and guest may not use the surrounding courts' numbered or visitor parking spaces.

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