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Parking Rules & Regulations

Parking - General

It is the responsibility of the owners , residents and occupants to inform their guests of the parking rules in CCHA.

Any vehicles parked in fire lanes will be towed immediately.

Residents have an assigned garage space and a numbered outdoor parking space for their exclusive use. Residents with more than two vehicles must park additional vehicles off of Chesapeake Commons' property on Chesapeake Way or Geneva Drive.

No assigned garage or assigned numbered space may be excluded from use by the tenant of a unit. Non-resident owners may not restrict use of the garage assigned, or the assigned parking space from the tenant. Neither may they enter into any verbal or written contract agreement to withhold parking rights from their tenants.

Parking areas, garages and driveways are reserved only for operable automobiles and private vans. Specifically restricted from these areas are campers, RV's, commercial trucks, buses, motorcycles, trailers, commercial vans, snowmobiles, and all watercraft. All vehicles using these parking areas must be properly licensed in accordance with city and state laws. No parking area may be used for storing vehicles.

The City of Geneva has an ordinance that vehicles parked on the street longer than 24 hours at a time will be ticketed. Please move your cars to avoid parking tickets from the Geneva Police.

Visitor Parking Spaces

Visitor parking is defined as any "VISITOR"-designated parking space.

Visitor parking spaces are for short-term parking ( 72 hours or less ) for visitors of Chesapeake Commons, owners, residents, or occupants, and are not to be used for regular or long-term parking of any vehicle. Residents may not have exclusive use of visitor parking spaces. 

Visitor vehicles needing to stay longer than 72 hours should be moved onto Geneva Drive or Chesapeake Way. Please note that in the winter, Geneva Drive is also a snow route.

Violations and Towing

Any vehicle in violation of the above parking rules will be given a 24-hour notice to remove the vehicle. A second violation will result in immediate towing of the vehicle without further notice.

To report parking violations, email pictures of the vehicle to the office along with evidence that the vehicle has exceeded the 72-hour visitor limit and/or is not authorized to park in its current location. Evidence is required in order to assess fines or tow a vehicle. The property manager must have a description of the vehicle, the license plate number and the location. Only the Manager or CCHA Board Members may authorize the towing of vehicles.

Towing will be at the owner's expense. In addition there will be a $130.00 fine issued to the owner of the unit that is in violation of the rules.

To retrieve the vehicle , call Ray’s Towing at 630-969-8962. The address is 26W287, St. Charles Rd., Carol Stream, IL. 60188.

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