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Clubhouse Rental Rules


All of the following rules apply to the Resident and guests (“Resident”) . It is the “contracted homeowners” responsibility to inform their guest of the following rules.


  1. Clubhouse reservations will be taken on an availability basis through the CCHA Calendar of Events page or email office at Signed agreement and payment received are required 72 business hours prior to event.

  2. Any Resident is prohibited from using the clubhouse for profitable purposes.

  3. Gambling in any form is prohibited.

  4. NO ALCOHOL SHALL BE SOLD - in or about the facility.

  5. BARBEQUE GRILLS - (Gas or Charcoal) are allowed in the front of the Clubhouse and must be 15 feet from any structure.

  6. The Clubhouse and Pool are a smoke-free facility.  The Resident may only do so outside, 15 feet from the facility.

  7. The Resident is responsible for curtailing any offensive noise or activity as to not disturb other residents, their guests, CCHA employees or surrounding neighbors.  Loud music is not allowed. 

  8. The Contracted Homeowner shall be personally responsible for any and all damages to the premises during the period of use and will be charged accordingly for any repairs or professional services needed.  

  9. Cancelation fee of $50.00 will apply for any cancellation less than 72 hours.

  10. The Contracted Homeowner is required to be at event for the duration of event, from setup to teardown.

  11. The Contracted Homeowner is responsible for cleaning Clubhouse to acceptable standards. A checklist will be posted in the kitchen.

  12. This agreement may not be assigned, transferred, modified, or amended without the express written consent of the Association. 

  13. All persons shall use the clubhouse or pool at their own risk and in conformance with all Rules and Regulations.  The Contracted Homeowner shall be personally responsible for any personal injuries sustained by the Resident and shall indemnify and hold the Association harmless for any claim, controversy, or causes of action arising from any acts, errors or omissions of the Resident, guests or assigns in any way arising out of the use of the Clubhouse Facilities. 

  14. In the event of breach of this Agreement, the Contracted Homeowner shall be liable for all Association’s costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees incurred in the enforcement of any of the provisions of this Agreement.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances or just cause, the Association reserves the right to cancel or terminate this Agreement. Termination of this Agreement by the Association will result in refunding all monies paid by the Contracted Homeowner under this Agreement. 

  15. Homeowners are restricted from exclusive rental of clubhouse by date (i.e.: every Sunday at 9am).  A homeowner may only rent the clubhouse up to two times a month so as not to preclude other homeowners of the Association from having a right to rent the clubhouse at any specific date or time.

  16.  Parking for the use of the Clubhouse or pool is restricted to street parking on Chesapeake Way or Geneva Drive. The Residents may not use the numbered or visitor spots in the surrounding courts.

  17.  The Contracted Homeowner is responsible for supplying all their own kitchen supplies. All garbage must be bagged before being placed into large garbage bins.


During pool season, if the pool is open, the contracted homeowner may have guests in the pool provided the contracted homeowner is present on the pool deck with their guest AT ALL TIMES. Authorized users of the pool will take priority in case of an overcrowded situation at the pool. The contracted homeowner may be asked to limit their number of guests at the pool or in the pool area in accordance with occupancy restrictions.


The contracted homeowner and their guests must abide by all of the Clubhouse Rental Rules and pool rules. Violation of any of these rules will void the Reserving of Clubhouse Contract. The voiding of the contract may cause immediate termination of the event, and/or additional restitution to be determined by the Board of Directors.

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