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Hanson is providing landscaping and snow removal service until fall of 2025. 

TruGreen is providing turf fertilizing.

Skyline Tree Service is providing our arborist services.

RWB Construction Inc. is providing roofing, siding, gutter, and shutter services.

Rose Paving is providing asphalt, seal coating, and catch basin services.



Lawns are mowed on Wednesday, weather permitting, between April 15th - November 15th.

If you do not want the landscapers to tend to your flower beds, please email to get red flags. This will alert the landscapers to stay away from your flower beds, and you will be responsible for your own wedding, trimming, etc.

Pick up after your dog.


All garden/outdoor lights must be moved in 12" from the lawn edge so mowers don't hit them. The landscapers, nor the Association, are responsible for solar lights broken by mowers.

Reminder: Garbage cans & recycling bins should be placed on the asphalt, not on the grass or sidewalks.


Snow Removal

Services will commence at 1" of snow accumulation between November 15th - April 15th.

Snow removal and salting services are to the front door. Stoop should only contain a mat.

Primary focus will be on main throughfares during large snow events.


Parking stall cleaning will be done the following day. Move vehicles to allow for this to be done effectively.


Salt is applied during a snow event at the discretion of the Board.


Front doors, garage doors, kick plates and wood trim will all be painted as needed.

Ongoing scraping and painting of the railings is done each year, as needed, on non-maintenance free railings. 

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